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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SAE Baja Kansas 2011: Info Brochure

                                              This page contains the agenda and the team names hangs off the bottom
                                         This was my life saver. A folded dummy! It was a must for this project
                                      This is the front page with the logo and the team names hanging off the bottom
                             This is the front and back page opened up. The map and sponsors on the back page
              This page has all of the things to do in Pittsburg and you still have access to the team names!
                                           A few thumbnail sketches for my Logo
         This is the Welcome to Pittsburg page with a filler letter (hopefully a welcome from the mayor).

Our final project of the semester we were allowed to pick anything we wanted to do but we had to "WOW" our professor. In May of 2011 Pittsburg State University is holding a Baja off road vehicle competition. It's a world wide competition that is usually hosted at big schools on the coasts. So, for Pitt State to get this opportunity was a great accomplishment. Everyone apart of the School of Technology is lending a hand in some way to help make this a success, since we were awarded this on late notice. My job was to design a logo for the competition and a brochure that would be handed out to all 2,000 people competing. My initial thoughts were to have something attractive, easy to use, and something that shows Pittsburg and Kansas in a great light. I wanted people to just by going through the brochure to know how much this meant to the school and the City of Pittsburg.
The logo came to mind pretty quickly. I wanted the state of Kansas on there somehow. So I was going the make the logo in the shape of Kansas, but what else would I do. After a few sketches of average stuff the thought of having wheat came to mind. When you think of Kansas you think of open wheat fields waving in the wind, so why not bring that to the logo. After finishing the logo design I had to come up with content and layout for the brochure. Most of the content was given to us, so I knew what had to be in it, but how would I lay it out. By using the fold effectively I was able to have all 100 team names hang off the bottom so it was easy to locate when you're out on the dirt track watching the races. Second, I wanted as much stuff about Pittsburg in there. So, my idea was to have the mayor write a welcome to Pittsburg letter. In the design I just used a fake autograph and filler text to show what I wanted. The idea for pictures on every page I thought was going really propel my layout into competition with all the great designers at Pitt. I wanted there to be something large and attractive on each page and bright pictures of Pittsburg and Baja racing were exactly what I wanted (all of the pictures are also filler pictures). The rest of the design was meant for information at their finger tips. A map, event times, and things to do in the town were all necessities of this design. Also surrounding the map was spots for sponsorships. To print off 2,000 copies of this brochure it would cost $2,966.64 from quick print using a futura 100 coated paper. I would like to think with sponsorship help that cost would be pretty much paid for. I hope you enjoy the logo and layout. It was definitely my favorite project of the year to work on!

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